Feb 27

Laser Wristwatch…No Really!

You ever had an idea that was so cool that you couldn’t tell anybody? You just let it fester for a while, and then one day you randomly see an advertisement for your exact idea? Sucks doesn’t it. Guess that just means your on the cutting edge. With that, I’ll introduce to you the AurorWatch Concept by Jihun Yeom. Its awesome actually. There is no recognizable face or hour markings. Rather, there is a blue and a red beam. The red beam indicates the minutes, while the blue beam indicates the hour. You just tap the watch to display, otherwise, the watch is faceless.

Who knows if this will ever make it to someone’s actual wrist. I don’t care. I’m still salty that someone else had my idea.

<mopes and cries in the corner>

Source:Yanko Design, via Gizmodo

  • Jeol

    I’m gonna have to join you in that corner dang folks making my ideas