Feb 01

$25 Dollars for the Week Challenge

There comes a time in every Man’s life where he has to question whether or not he is mentally deficient.  That day came yesterday when I joined a few co-workers in a challenge to survive on only $25 for the week. Now I’m the type that goes out to lunch most days (yeah, I know its expensive but I’m lazy!) and I just don’t know if it was wise of me to enter this contest! But I have discovered one thing. You don’t know what metal you are made of until its tested! All of a sudden secret skills you’ve long thought sealed away, awaken to help you in time of need! Why did I bust out the West-Indian fried dumpling’s with cornmeal and some nice cabbage for lunch today! Didn’t know I had it in me! Plus I have soup (with the boiled dumplings) just to switch it up. I bought all the groceries with 20 bucks. Lets see how I do.

Update: Turns out the challenge started after I bought groceries so I got a clean slate!!

Day 1: Lots of cabbage and a few dumplings and half a veggi-patty. Satisfying but needed a snack at the end!

Day2: Same thing from Day One. 2 dollars in snacks and 2 dollars in fries from McD’s!

Day3: Soup time! 1.50 on donut and 5 bucks for Burger King…couldn’t help it ya’ll!

Day4: Forgot my soup at home…but luckily I was taken out for pizza!!! Woohoo! $0.00 bucks baby!

Update: D’oh! Had to return the favor…at least it was falaffel and it was cheap.hehe spent $5.00

Day5: Had a Subway Sandwich. Good thing they are cheap! about $4.50

Day6: Ate the rest of my soup. That stuff was good! Can’t spend much more money since I realized I’m right at $20.00


  • Joel

    YOU CAN DO IT!!!!!!!

  • http://www.vimeo.com/lostanimals Jeremy E Jones

    $25 a week? Scuff that noise… I live on $10 or less a week. At the start of the week I buy:
    – a small tub of walnuts
    – a tub of dried cranberries
    – a bunch of bananas
    And I buy a large container of Nitro-Tech Protein/Vitamin Supplement, which lasts me a little longer than the month whole. So, altogether I’m spending under $10 a week and I’m maintaining a 208lb body with heavy muscle mass. BOOMSHAKALAKA!

    • http://themanly-man.com admin

      @Jeremy E Jones
      Non-Humans don’t count! And don’t think I don’t know what you and your cyborg friends are up to!