Monthly Archive: February 2010

Feb 27

Laser Wristwatch…No Really!


You ever had an idea that was so cool that you couldn’t tell anybody? You just let it fester for a while, and then one day you randomly see an advertisement for your exact idea? Sucks doesn’t it. Guess that just means your on the cutting edge. With that, I’ll introduce to you the AurorWatch …

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Feb 25

Thoughts on Faith


As many of you know, I took a road trip with some family and went down south to visit my sister and niece. Had an awesome time, and the road tends to put you in a cranky, but sometimes contemplative mood. 15 hours will do that to you! But there was one experience that kinda …

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Feb 15

My First Tablet will not be an iPad


Remember like a month ago when everyone was frothing at the mouth over Apple’s iPad? People were saying all sorts of things and then when the official announcement came, things just kinda simmered down. This was mostly because the iPad couldn’t do half the things everyone had thought it was going to be able to. …

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Feb 15

Post Valentine Thoughts on What You Should Have Done


All the roses are going for 50% off. The Candy is all but finished, and the romance that was so thick a day ago is vanishing like mist. Everyone is going back to normal, but I’d like to pause a moment to reflect about what the best way to your lover’s heart may be. Now …

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Feb 14

Avoiding Valentine’s Day PitFalls


We all know what Feb.14th is. Some have been waiting on it, while others dreading it. We are here to help you with common mistakes and pointers on how to behave yourself on this occasion. Now since if I wrote this piece I would steer you all wrong, I have enlisted the help of another …

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Feb 01

$25 Dollars for the Week Challenge


There comes a time in every Man’s life where he has to question whether or not he is mentally deficient.  That day came yesterday when I joined a few co-workers in a challenge to survive on only $25 for the week. Now I’m the type that goes out to lunch most days (yeah, I know …

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