Monthly Archive: January 2010

Jan 25

Why Apple isn’t Playing any Games


Steve Jobs is playing for keeps as is evident by the moves he has made with the inception of the iPod and the iPhone. Love him or hate him, Apple has fought back from the brink with hit after hit and it looks like they’re here for the long haul. But that’s not what’s on …

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Jan 24

Haven’t Found Ms.Right? Perhaps She Was on Her iPod and didn’t Notice


Was riding the train the other day and noticed something very interesting. Almost all of us were pre-occupied with our electronic devices. Blackberry’s, iPods, iPhones, etc… None of us wanted to talk to one another. Granted, it’s a little weird striking up random conversations with people you don’t know, but I have to say, that …

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Jan 20

The Best B-Day Gift Ever! …Well Second Best Anyway


A good friend just shot me this link from and I have to say, I’m quite impressed. Apparently one can own a fighter jet. Yeah, just straight pull out your fat wallet and pay someone, in Russia I presume, and take away a nice shiny new Sukhoi SU-27. Yes, that same one from Ace …

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Jan 18

Apple Tablet to be Revealed Jan. 27th?


I’ve refrained from mentioning anything about it since there really wasn’t much concrete evidence swirling around. However, it has now been announced that Apple is hosting an even on the 27th of this month to show off its newest “Creation”! The event will be in San Franisco, and no one is willing to pay for …

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Jan 18

MLK…One of the Manlier of Men


Every now and then its a good thing to reflect on things. One’s life, achievements, disappointments, goals, successes. Some folks are pretty happy about the ratio of achievements to time spent, while others begin the new year with resolutions to be more efficient with the time they have. Today is that day for me, and it …

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Jan 16

Break-Dancing Robot


This is a funky little fella. With red hoody and faded jeans, Manoi Go is all the rage. It’s creators have done a darn good job at programming this robot with enough moves to show-up anybody on the dance floor. I was quite impressed with the little nuances of the different pop-lock movements. It seemed …

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Jan 06

Nexusone Google “Superphone”


If you have T-mobile and have been a loyal customer for years…than you can’t upgrade for a discount on this phone. Sorry – suck it up. Its available at 179.00 for people who are starting a new line and there is only one type of plan you can get if you are buying at discount. …

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Jan 05

Underwear in a Bunch over iPhone App


Was sent an article from the about adult apps that feature Asian Women. Not having an iPhone myself, I can’t really say that I’ve played around with some of the applications mentioned in the article, however, the author makes a good point that a lot of men miss. I’m not going to go into …

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