Dec 25

Tough Santas

Its the Christmas season so I thought I’d write a quick article, before Christmas food of course, to talk about some tough Santas.

Cruisin for Jesus

Cruisin for Jesus

Bikers for Jesus

So picture this…nearly 100 or so bikers on Harelys with leather jackets and the whole works ridin’ down the highway. All tough as nails, but one thing is different. They have a Cruisin for Jesus Logo on their jackets. They may not be going to some Biker Rally today or some town to pillage and rape…this time around, they are heading to ShelterCare’s Family Housing Program to help feed and distribute toys. These guys are my kinda guys.

Now this next one I really love. I saw the video earlier and I thought that Lupe Fiasco lost his mind by dissin’ Lebron and Kobe. I was like calm down man, but then I noticed the Nike Logos everywhere. Then I heard “Santa’s verse” I was rollin’! Plus it was really hot too!

KRS One Santa

Really didn’t realize Santa had flow like this.  Love these puppets!!! Even though KRS One and I disagree about Jesus, he still got the flow and I am glad to see him gettin’ love from Nike. Watch the hilarious videos below.

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Blitzen’s verse

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The Last Christmas

Last_Christmas_tough_SantaHere is a tough Santa right here. Nuclear war has turned almost everyone into zombies and its up to Santa and his homies to fix things up. One of the most comedic comics that I’ve ever read. Santa dual wielding semi-automatic weapons, and blasting at zombies. Its a great mix of yule-tide cheer, and guts.

Rick Remender is the illustrator on this one and the brilliant story-line was written by Gerry Duggan and Brian Posehn.

Give us a shout below for tough Santas that we missed!