Nov 04

Taking the Flu Like a Man

CoughSo on my way home, I manage to snag a seat on the normally crowded train home. I noticed the lady next to me swaying a bit, but figure she’s just sleepy and wants to get as much shut eye as possible before her stop. Let me spare you the details by saying this story ends up with vomit…alot…and some on my coat. I suspect she, and a few others have the dreaded flu, or as I like to call it…the plague.

Here are a few things that you should do to stop this plague before it hits.


I dont know how many times I’ve seen nasty grown men come out of the bathroom without as much as looking at the sink. Nasty Bums. We spoke about this in our awkward work scenarios article. So no need to repeat.

#2 Shun others you suspect as culprits

No really…the cdc recommends you avoid others you suspect as sick. So its a perfect excuse not to feel bad about talking to that person with terrible halitosis, or the person you just don’t like for no particular reason that you care to think of.

#3 Stay healthy and keep immune system strong

This means taking vitamins, ingesting lots of garlic and fruits. Whatever it takes to make sure your natural defenses are manned and ready. Don’t let the influenza make a laughing stock of your punkish T-Cells!

Now in case you get the flu, and you are like me and just dont like doctors cause they look at you funny…we have some natural ways to combat sickness.

#1Lemon and or Garlic…

I’ve been using this since I was a kid…hasn’t failed me yet. Garlic for stronger immune system…slows down growth of viruses, and lemon to cut mucous.  Squeeze lemon juice on minced garlic and ingest the resulting “juice” for best effect.

#2 Vitamin C

…lots of fruits kiddies

#3 Stay hydrated.

helps regulate body temp and keeps everything in working order

Thats it…Good Luck!!