Nov 22

From the Engadget Show!

So we were able to secure our tickets to the Engadget Show and it was a lot of fun. Joshua Topolsky has a wicked sense of humor, and it was jokes the whole time. Drew Bamford from HTC had some interesting things to say, and Chris Grant from Joystiq knows his games. Below is a quick synopsis and photogallery.

First up was Drew Bamford from HTC who was dual-weilding the HTC Hero (European version) as well as the HTC HD2. Must be nice! He went through some slides detailing how HTC got the idea for the “Sense Philosophy”. We kinda like the term because it denotes a concept and not just a singular instance in phone interfaces. Rather, Sense will grow as phones do. He also mentioned that HTC are willing to work with other companies to make the “Sense” experience more robust. Topolsky tried to corner him on the rumored “Dragon” Handset which should basically be the HD2 running Android, but Bamford was mums on the subject espousing some rhetoric about him not having heard of the device. He did, however, say that we should expect “Sense” running on phones with “bigger screens, and faster processors” which should really erase all doubt about the “Dragon’s” existance.

One thing Drew said that kinda rubbed us the wrong way was that HTC doesn’t feel like the American consumer is all that interested in smart phones with higher-end tech, which was such a let down. Itl like our carriers just say that nonsense and these international companies just eat it up while no one really consults with us. So in the end, we are just left groveling for whatever the big three give us. Such a shame really, but we digress.

Chris was really cool, and brought lots of goodies with him. They demoed Tony Hawk’s new game, which was pretty cool, as well as DJ Hero, which was interesting. However, we just couldn’t justify forking over money for those scratch pads which didn’t seem too authentic. But the guys seemed to have a great timeĀ battlingĀ it out over who was the illest DJ!

All-in-all, really enjoyed the show. They should have the show in it’s entirety sometime tomorrow on engadget.com.

Enjoy the screens below:

Dell Adamo Vid below:

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