Nov 19

Chrome OS…Worth the Hype?

So,  I am really looking forward to The Chrome Operating System. It looks really nice and fresh smelling and clean. Here are some videos to help explain what it is and how it works…lets check it out:

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Ok, wait…did that man just talk to me like I was stupid? ” abrowser, you know that thing with the back button” what!? The Google folks don’t know me that well to be talking to me like that! Ok, ill calm down a bit. But yeah, most people do go on the internet, but there are alot of folks who dont. Also, what about folks with crappy internet? Or what if I’m late that month with the bill? You mean, Google now has control over my machine to the point where if I’m not on the internet, my computer won’t work? Hmmm, I’m not sure I’m with that.

Last Point,

What if I work with programs that are not web-based. I like to play around with music programs every now and then, as well as graphics etc. So now I need the internet to operate them? I like to have have enough storage storage on my own device to do what it is I need to do. Perhaps I’m an old fogey, but I still like my data tangible if you know what I mean. Yeah, I still have CDS…Bah Humbug.

Well maybe this video will cheer me up.

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Ok, this guy is nicer, but still…looks like everything revolves around the assumption that I have friends that I want to talk to, and that I actually have and want to stay on the internet for vast quantities of time. It also assumes my internet doesn’t act wonky and conk out on me at times. But at least it will restart where I left off. I also like how you can move things to the side. I’ve actually been waiting for that piece of functionality for a while. The interface looks real slick, and user friendly, as well as intuitive. Guess I have to wait till it comes out to give it a proper review.