Nov 16

ATT Tilt 2 (HTC Touch Pro2) Review

Hey guys,

so lets just get down to business here. If you are a guy (or gall) who is busy, and needs to stay connected business-wise as well as socially we would definitely say this phone is for you. Its not the perfect phone, but it will definitely suit your needs. So lets get to it!


We like the way it feels in hand. Its sturdy enough to be launched as a projectile while staying true enough to the course to hit its target. However, since it’ll run you over 300 smackers on a 2 year contract, we doubt you would let it leave your person that easily, but we’re just sayin’. Anyway, the highly glossy resistive screen is much nicer in person than in picture. It’s also a lot more responsive than you would think. We’re suckers for capacitive screens, but we’d make the switch with all this phone has to offer. The silver lining is something that AT&T hasn’t x-nayed from its version of the Touch Pro2 and we like it. It ads a certain amount of class and sex appeal that the modern man should have. Definitely turns heads in the board-room or at the coffee shop. In a perfect world it would be a little thinner, but we will survive.

revDSC01727Its running a 528Mghz processor which is definitely noticeable. There is barely any lag in normal tasks. We had lots of different programs running at the same time, and things still seemed nice and zippy fast. The 3.6 inch screen is great and loading internet pages is great. I also love the zoom bar at the bottom. True, you probably won’t use it all that often, but the option is there…and that’s what we really want isn’t it?Also the tilt feature, though nice…is a bit over-rated. After having it for a little while, the mechanism is still sturdy, but a little looser than it was out of the box. Its great for avoiding glare but not too much else in our opinion.


Everything you’ve heard about the keyboard is true. We really can’t think of a hard keyboard on any other phone that beats the one on the TP2. It’s as close to perfect as we can tell. Little touches like the lighting for the Alt Keys and the extra spacing set this keyboard ahead of the pack.


It’s Windows 6.5, but you don’t have to know if you don’t want to. That’s the beauty of HTC’s Touch Flo 3D with “Sense.” Now we all know that Window’s mobile platform isn’t exactly easy on the eyes, and HTC fills in the gap almost flawlessly. In the video you will see how snappy the skin is, as well as beautiful. It makes normal tasks that much more interesting. You scroll through the main nav-bar with a swipe of the finger or stylus and which takes you to the main areas of interest such as stocks, contacts, weather, and internet. All and all, we’d say its HTC’s best performance yet.


The overall consensus is not surprising. Its a well-rounded and extremely functional phone. The little things such as speakerphone by turning the phone on its face, and the zoom bar are what really sets this phone apart from other smart phones. It makes the experience that much better, and we applaud you HTC. Again, it could be slimmer,(Droid anyone?) but we’ll definitely take it as is. Check out the video for more tid-bits and a view of the phone in action. Special shout out to Joel for the vid

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