Monthly Archive: November 2009

Nov 23

Google’s Nav App for G1! Awesomely Awesome!!!


Just realized that the google folks just made their free navigation application available to android 1.6 users. That means G1 owners can now get in on the action! This means Christmas just came a few weeks early for some folks who were thinking that they were going to need some xda action to get there …

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Nov 22

From the Engadget Show!


So we were able to secure our tickets to the Engadget Show and it was a lot of fun. Joshua Topolsky has a wicked sense of humor, and it was jokes the whole time. Drew Bamford from HTC had some interesting things to say, and Chris Grant from Joystiq knows his games. Below is a …

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Nov 19

Chrome OS…Worth the Hype?

So,  I am really looking forward to The Chrome Operating System. It looks really nice and fresh smelling and clean. Here are some videos to help explain what it is and how it works…lets check it out: embedded by Embedded VideoYouTube Direkt Ok, wait…did that man just talk to me like I was stupid? ” …

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Nov 16

ATT Tilt 2 (HTC Touch Pro2) Review


Hey guys, so lets just get down to business here. If you are a guy (or gall) who is busy, and needs to stay connected business-wise as well as socially we would definitely say this phone is for you. Its not the perfect phone, but it will definitely suit your needs. So lets get to …

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Nov 15

Tony Hawk Ride Coming Soon

Remember we wrote an article about Tony Hawk’s new video game called Ride? We barely do too, but its coming out soon, and we got a chance to check it out briefly. To be honest, its one of those things where you know its a hot concept, but your iffy on real-life use. Don’t get …

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Nov 11

New Verizon Droid to Put Hair on Your Chest


I’m actually a T-mobile lover myself…Hey Mrs. Jones ;). However, I’ve got to say I am really pleasantly surprised at these Verizon Commercials. Very clever,  and funny appealing to the Tekki  in all of us. This commercial is probably my favorite so far…well besides the misfit toys that is. But take a look. If your …

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Nov 04

Taking the Flu Like a Man


So on my way home, I manage to snag a seat on the normally crowded train home. I noticed the lady next to me swaying a bit, but figure she’s just sleepy and wants to get as much shut eye as possible before her stop. Let me spare you the details by saying this story …

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