Sep 20

Strange and Awkward Workplace Scenarios

Can we say "Sanitize"

Can we say "Sanitize"

While at work, I have been encountering some strange situations, so I thought it best to write them out for the readers. That way, if you too encounter the same thing, you can take advantage of this knowledge. As manly men, we have to look out for one-another right?

So first scenario…you have just finished contemplating the meaning of life on the toilet, and have now moved to wash hands. As a cleanly man, you obviously wash your hands thoroughly if not for yourself, at least for the sake of others with whom you may come into contact. Your boss enters stage left. He uses the bathrooom. You chit-chat about the report he’s been asking you for, but you put off so that you could finish that maddening game of sudoku you have cleverly hidden on your desktop. He leaves. You note that he is nasty and has not washed his hands. You leave. You forget what just happened until later on that day you run into each other again and he wants to congratulate you on the fine job you did with the spreadsheet you finally sent him. He leans in for the hand shake. What to do!!!! This is where many people fail. Here are a few tips to help you out.

1)Give the old Obama fist bump.

2)Drop your pen. When you get up from picking it up…pat him on the shoulder before he gets a chance to extend the hand again.

3)This is a cowardly maneuver, but is the easiest and most obvious. Take the hit…shake his and and keep hand sterilizer close by.  You can sterilize in his presence for added insult.