Sep 28

Swiss Watch Couldn’t be any Tougher if it Had a Beard

Tough as Nails!

Tough as Nails!

Was cruisin’ the inter-webs when I came across this awesome watch on Slashgear. As you know by now, I’m pretty big fan of nice watches. This particular watch isn’t too impressive look-wise, but it more than makes up for it in functionality. Like most wonderfully over-engineered products this watch was built to go where you, a mere humanoid, could never hope to go. This baby doesn’t have your normal Swiss-Army amenities like matches, fork, corkscrew or screwdriver. Rather, its built to go a whopping 20,000 ft under water. Not only that, it can withstand the blast from a stick of dynamite, and a gunshot! Now this watch isn’t for the lesser man, as it may show you up by just sitting there on your arm. But if your game, you can drop about $4,000 bucks for it. The case is solid Titanium, has 3 chronographs, and a Sapphire face. If your a watch nut, you can check the rest of the specs here