Sep 21

Sony Ericsson “Motions” Forward with MH907

Sony_MH907_yellow-300x241Sony Ericsson thinks they have a game changer here with their new headset. The hype they had was crazy…and honestly I’m a little underwhelmed. Now that’s not to say that it isn’t a good idea for the headset to recognize gestures, but I thought it was going to be a little more in depth. The gestures are just inserting and reinserting the ear-buds, which if you ask me will just get annoying over time or give me some rash in my ear from all the chaffing.  I thought they were going to go the route of increasing and decreasing the volume based on brain impulses. That would’a been far cooler. Alas, guess I got to write that one down and do it before someone else does! But if you are still interested it comes in three colors for now…yellow, white, and titan chrome.  Click on the image to see the cool promotional video.