Monthly Archive: September 2009

Sep 28

N900 Comin Stateside…We Hope!


Ok, so this really isn’t news right now, but I hadn’t gotten around to posting about this phone. It’s the Nokia N900, which by the way is available for pre-order right now! Now, I love my phones, and I’m always looking for something that has the right balance of sophistication, business savvy, as well as …

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Sep 28

Swiss Watch Couldn’t be any Tougher if it Had a Beard

Tough as Nails!

Was cruisin’ the inter-webs when I came across this awesome watch on Slashgear. As you know by now, I’m pretty big fan of nice watches. This particular watch isn’t too impressive look-wise, but it more than makes up for it in functionality. Like most wonderfully over-engineered products this watch was built to go where you, …

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Sep 21

Sony Ericsson “Motions” Forward with MH907


Sony Ericsson thinks they have a game changer here with their new headset. The hype they had was crazy…and honestly I’m a little underwhelmed. Now that’s not to say that it isn’t a good idea for the headset to recognize gestures, but I thought it was going to be a little more in depth. The …

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Sep 20

Strange and Awkward Workplace Scenarios

Can we say "Sanitize"

While at work, I have been encountering some strange situations, so I thought it best to write them out for the readers. That way, if you too encounter the same thing, you can take advantage of this knowledge. As manly men, we have to look out for one-another right? So first scenario…you have just finished …

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Sep 06

Ninja Movie to best ALL other Ninja Movies…

And get this…the main character is Asian!!! Now I’ve been a big fan of Ninja movies for a long time. I’ve been waiting for a long time for someone to actually take a ninja movie seriously. Well folks, it may just be that that day is here. John Gaeta, the special effects guy who worked …

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