Jul 28

#7 Learn Something about the Outdoors

useful knife swissNow I for one, being a city-kid at heart, am not one for the outdoors myself. However, that shouldn’t stop the rest of you kiddies from trying to get some fresh air, and seeing a bunch of luminescent sky creatures clumped together called “stars”. Most people who venture out into that wilderness and “camp” in the outdoors usually worry about such things as sleeping bags, and tents, and other basic necessity crap like that. HA! All a real man needs is a loin cloth and a trusty knife! Look at this beauty below:

It comes with compass, fishing line, matches and other goodies. The handle also has a grappling hook in cases you need to…climb a tree while hunting your human prey. Saw tooth back adds to the intimidation factor as well as provides a way to cut wood.

Awwwwe Yeah...

Awwwwe Yeah...