Jul 06

#6 The Decisive Man

confused puppyStaying the course…That’s the Manly-Man’s way.  It’s #6 on the list of Manly Characteristics is being decisive. Too many men these days are wishy-washy, like a confused puppy. Can’t make up their minds. “Too many options” they say. “Should I get the blue sandals that match with this new t-shirt?” Disgusting. I believe its these new fangled gizmos coming out every other day that are confusing our young men. Every time you look around there is something new coming out. Prime example. First the iPod, iPhone, iPhone3G, etc…. Now, I’m not haitin’ cause I want one too! I love my technology as much as the next guy, but seriously, I have 3 portable devices that do approximately the same thing. It’s starting to get confusing man!

This new generation is what I’ll call the A.D.D. generation. You know its true. If your 40 and below, you want your stuff, and you want it now. What’s this “patience is a virtue” business? That’s why recommend being manlyly decisive. (see I decided to make up a word) Your first choice is as good as the next. Just choose and be done with it. Marriage? The first one to say yes must be the one. Job, do they pay the same currency as the country you live in? Yes? Great to be on the team. What to eat…is it mildly digestible by most of the human population? Sold! See, how easy is that? Plus, an added bonus is how much people will respect you for your manly behavior. Some, who know nothing about manly things, may call it ignorance, or hard-headedness. Bah! Since they don’t know much you don’t have to listen to them. Pesky excuses for not being decisive like “reason” or “different perspective” have no place in your vocab. Shun them.

So in conclusion, the sure fire way to being a Manly Man is to swing the heavy axe of Judgment swiftly and without looking. That’s being a man…A Manly-Man.

  • dude07

    I totally agree! Just observe that paragon of manliness, George W. Bush: who else swung the axe of judgment with such careless precision as he did? We should all take a pube from his manhood.