Monthly Archive: July 2009

Jul 30

JK Wedding ends in Divorce!!!

Saw the original JK Wedding Video. It was awesome, just because they seemed so authentic. It was literally a movie moment that you wished was real, that actually was! I’m big enough of a man to say I watched it, and enjoyed it too. But who would have ever thought it would end up like …

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Jul 28

Porsche Shoulder Bumps Bugatti…Says Wussup?!

Now thats what I call an automobile

As you all know, Bugatti is currently the manufacturer of the worlds fastest street-legal production car, the “Veyron”. However, according to some news I found on Wikipedia and The German Car Blog, Porsche doesn’t seem to be slacking one bit. Check out the Porsche GT1 slated for production the end of this year. It’s got …

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Jul 28

Apple to Come Out With What Looks Like Giant iPod Touch


Remember that article that I did on the Crunch Pad? Yeah, me either till I saw this thing. Looks like Apple took notice that there was a market for a large touch sensitive device and is seeking to fill the void before anyone else. To be honest, I’m quite intrigued…for now. My attention span is …

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Jul 28

#7 Learn Something about the Outdoors

Awwwwe Yeah...

Now I for one, being a city-kid at heart, am not one for the outdoors myself. However, that shouldn’t stop the rest of you kiddies from trying to get some fresh air, and seeing a bunch of luminescent sky creatures clumped together called “stars”. Most people who venture out into that wilderness and “camp” in …

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Jul 15

“Pimpin'”, Apparantly, “Aint Easy” According to Japanese Watchmaker


I’m sure you enjoy a nice time piece as well as I.  I love it when I have something unique and/or rare that you have to look high and low to find. . .I’m especially impressed with the “pimpin aint easy” watch. Seems someone out there feels my pain! JK – take a gander below.

Jul 13

Modern Warfare 2 Rocks out with Fully Operational NV Goggles!!!


See, this is what I’m talking about. Its funny, cause I was just thinking how much I needed these goggles too! Infinity Ward certainly knows how to treat the consumer right! Those other games and exclusive packs really can’t compare to what we are looking at right now. I mean, seriously, they included fully functional …

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Jul 06

#6 The Decisive Man

confused puppy

Staying the course…That’s the Manly-Man’s way.  It’s #6 on the list of Manly Characteristics is being decisive. Too many men these days are wishy-washy, like a confused puppy. Can’t make up their minds. “Too many options” they say. “Should I get the blue sandals that match with this new t-shirt?” Disgusting. I believe its these …

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Jul 03

Indoor Fireworks…Blame the Japanese


This is for all the fathers who will be scowled at, sneered at, beaten, and abused because for some reason you were not able to take the family to see fireworks for the 4th of July. Engadget has dug up a peculiar toy made by Sega. Its basically a projector that projects firework displays. The …

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