Jun 29

Projector on…the iPhone???

You always have the latest toy. Everyone is always impressed with you…that’s why you are visiting The Manly Man Site. We try to keep you ahead of the curve in accessible technology so that you can continue to be superior to everyone around you (or at least think so anyway), which brings us to the MiLi Pro iPhone Projector. You can check the screens below:

Projector Screen Size: Approx 5-70″ with 640×480 resolution

Brightness: 10 Lumens

Battery Life: ???

Compatibility:  iPhone 3GS, 3G, 2G and iPod Touch, Classic

So two things off hand that I’m a little worried about. First, I’m not seeing a headphone jack. Second, I’m worried about battery life, since it has its on power source. They haven’t posted price just yet, and it should be coming out this fall.

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4yDV3nIujGk Storo

    I got the i-P23 Portable Speakers Roxy player from the apple store b4 the iphone came out and I thought It would work together but it doen’t. I’ve since bought the quicksilver one too. On apple it does say compatible w/ipods but not iphone. But Is there anyway to get arround that? The slot fits and then it reads” device not comp” so I tried the dbl sided male aux cables. Still nothing. So i guess i’m just wondering if there is anything out there I can buy to put speakers on my iphone that’s portable. Thanks.

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