Jun 24

New RCA “Small Wonder” EZ209HD

Not too Shabby

Not too Shabby

As it is our duty to keep you up to date on what will make you better than the man next to you, we introduce to you RCA’s new “Small Wonder” High Definition Video Recorder.  With its smooth contours and sexy design, you will be sure to turn heads, and receive lots of  “What’s that a fancy camera?” questions from your simple friends. You can respond curtly by letting them know that it’s indeed a full video camera that shoots in full blown HD aspect ratio…1280×720 to be exact.

It has a microSD slot that supports up to 16GB of memory. You can hold around 8 hours of HD Video with that or 40 hours of internet quality video! It also has an HDMI port that allows you to connect to your HDTV and view your footage straight from the device. The camera you ask? 8 glorious megapixels. Your display LCD screen is 2″ which isn’t too bad.

All in all I’d say its a pretty nice package that can fit in your pocket!

  • http://www.grlatino.com deslava

    Not bad looks like a kick ass phone.