Jun 10

Mos Def: The Eccstatic

Eccstatic Album

Ecstatic Album

Aiight yall,

I’ve actually been waiting on new material from Mos Def for a while. His last album, in my opinion, was lacking some oomph. A friend put it this way: “There was no fire behind what he was doing…no sense of urgency, or sense that it was possible for him to change the game up.” Personally,  it felt like his last two albums were really experiments. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m glad that they were put out there, but I just couldn’t get the excitement level up to where I thought it should be… until now.

You can take a listen to the entire Ecstatic Album here. Now doesn’t it sound a little different??? For one, he’s rapping which is always a plus. A business man should always know what business he’s in. The beats he has chosen this time around are great too, and have excellent atmospheric presence. An example would be “Wahid”. Also, his lyrical skills don’t seem to have aged a day with rhymes such as: “The eyes grow teary, the mind grows weary, I speak so clearly sometimes y’all don’t hear me. I push it past the base, know nations got to feel me” – Auditorium.  .

Secondly, take a listen to “History”.  Its featuring Talib, and he drops some ill verses as well as some inferences that I very happy with. He seems to allude to (yes thats right) another Blackstar Album!!!! He even mentions that it was like ten years ago, which I can’t believe! But I guess it has been that long. Well hurry up ya’ll! I aint gettin any younger!