Jun 19

Life Size Gundam in Tokyo

Its the eyes man! THE EYES!!!

Its the eyes man! THE EYES!!!

They did it for real this time folks. I am in awe and wonder at how awesome this is. Ever wonder what a real 50 ft. Gundam staring down at you with violent intentions looked like? Well now you can…if you go to Japan, or watch the clip below.  The Gundam Statue was built to commemorate the cartoon’s 30 year history. For the fans, this is a replica of the classic RX-78-2. The RX-78-2 was the second of three Gundam prototypes created by the Earth Federation’s “V Project” according to wikia.

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  • Rose

    Why is no one else commenting? This IS AWESOME! And it’s high time that something like this was done. Kudos to Japan for making so many Americans’ dreams come true, truly Japan is the land of white-haired, long legged bosommy babes and bishounen who control gigantic ultra complicated and confusing robots. Thanks for keeping stereotypes alive! whoo hoo!
    Thinking on it now however, I’m sure manly men will prefer a 50 foot statue of Sailor Moon in her High School Uniform…hehe…