Jun 04

“Crunchpad” to take us one step closer to StarTrek Gadgetry

Doesn't this look like what Wharf used to use to fire photon torpedos???

Doesn't this look like what Worf used to use to fire photon torpedoes???

Folks over at Engadget.com have been following this for a while and it looks awesome! Its created by a Michael Arrington and looks to be well on the way to completion. The image is what we hope to be a near complete design (prototype B?). It looks great! Not only that, but the OS is Linux based.

Screen will be about 12 inches, with a 4:3 aspect ratio according to TechCrunch. It will also come with a not too shabby 1GigĀ  of ram, wifi, and camera!!! Its everything you want in all your gadgets in one spot. Plus it seems more mobile than your standard laptop. Who knows what this thing will be capable of…just looking at it makes the mind wander to the many possibilities. You can check Prototype A being touched and prodded in vid from TechCrunch below:

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  • T Anthony

    That would be “Worf” from Star Trek. At least get your trekkie references correct when you try to employ them.

    • http://themanly-man.com admin

      Hey Anthony, are you always like this? I know you and Worf go back a long way, could you let him know i didn’t mean it next time you see him? Neway, thanks for the correction!