Jun 08

#4 Choosing a Race thats Comfortable for You!

tiger-woods#4 on our list of manly characteristics is choose a race and stick to it! Some folks kinda slip in and out of races they can “pass” for depending on the situation. A real man will either choose one side, or make something up that he is comfortable with. Here is what I mean. People have labels for one another. “White”, or “black”, or “Asian” etc. But what if I don’t want to be labeled by someone else… to fit in someone else’s definition of race. Do I have to be simply black or white or Asian, or Hispanic etc…? What if I want to include the other races that helped to create me? Or, what if I don’t. Isn’t that my choice? Maybe, maybe not…but the writer of this article will henceforth no longer be considered simply black, but Jamerican-Tan-Brown McChocolaty (the last part is for the ladies). Those who wish to liberate themselves from the bondage of Labelism…what will you be called from this day forward???

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