Monthly Archive: June 2009

Jun 30

HTC Hero Video

htc hero

Three words…I WANT NOW! Too bad though because HTC has let us know that the “sense UI” will not be coming to Google branded phones. Sorry G1 and soon-to-be Mytouch users. HTC’s  interface flows so smoothly, and looks exactly like I wanted the G2 to be. Also shows how powerful Android can be. Too bad …

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Jun 29

Projector on…the iPhone???


You always have the latest toy. Everyone is always impressed with you…that’s why you are visiting The Manly Man Site. We try to keep you ahead of the curve in accessible technology so that you can continue to be superior to everyone around you (or at least think so anyway), which brings us to the …

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Jun 24

New RCA “Small Wonder” EZ209HD

Not too Shabby

As it is our duty to keep you up to date on what will make you better than the man next to you, we introduce to you RCA’s new “Small Wonder” High Definition Video Recorder.  With its smooth contours and sexy design, you will be sure to turn heads, and receive lots of  “What’s that …

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Jun 22

To Do, or not to Doo Doo

The Throne...where every man is king for a while

At long last, the awaited excuse to get up from your desk as arrived. The call of nature has rung through loud and clear, and the coffee, soda, juice, or water that was had for breakfast, has done its work. It’s urinatin’ time. As you make your way to the rest room, you try not …

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Jun 19

Life Size Gundam in Tokyo

Its the eyes man! THE EYES!!!

They did it for real this time folks. I am in awe and wonder at how awesome this is. Ever wonder what a real 50 ft. Gundam staring down at you with violent intentions looked like? Well now you can…if you go to Japan, or watch the clip below.  The Gundam Statue was built to …

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Jun 18

#5 Manhood and Spirituality

Something really great about this picture

Men, take your butt to church sometimes! The End

Jun 10

Mos Def: The Eccstatic

Eccstatic Album

Aiight yall, I’ve actually been waiting on new material from Mos Def for a while. His last album, in my opinion, was lacking some oomph. A friend put it this way: “There was no fire behind what he was doing…no sense of urgency, or sense that it was possible for him to change the game …

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Jun 08

50 Bucks from TMobile! How should I Spend it???

I'm Rich!!!

So I went to the mail and got 50 bucks from T-Mobile. Their line-up has gotten quite nice with the Samsung family of phones with the crazy megapixel cameras, as well as their sidekicks and, of course, Google Phone. With the rumored “Mytouch” or “G2” coming up as well as the Touch Pro 2 potentially …

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Jun 08

#4 Choosing a Race thats Comfortable for You!


#4 on our list of manly characteristics is choose a race and stick to it! Some folks kinda slip in and out of races they can “pass” for depending on the situation. A real man will either choose one side, or make something up that he is comfortable with. Here is what I mean. People …

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Jun 04

New Metal Gear Solid Game…Again!!

Yeah, so Kojima is up to his old tricks and has come out with yet another MGS game. If you check the E3 Video below you’ll see like 4 different Snakes. Must be Solid, Liquid, Gaseous,  and…random other Snake. Now, I was confused about the storyline before, but now I’m really confused. I’m also not …

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