May 24

#2 Get Six Pack

#2 on our list of characteristics that will make the reader more manly is to firm up the ole pot-belly and get a six pack. Now, we understand that everyone can’t be like me and have a perfectly toned physique at all times, so we have included some helpful suggestions. If the reader isn’t quite ready to give up the six pack of beer for the six pack that the ladies love, its perfectly acceptable for the six pack to be artificially manufactured. Check the below reference material. It turns out that a company called Equmen is coming out with man-girdles.

apparently it can turn this:

circumfrence of the spere near mathematical perfection

circumference of the sphere near mathematical perfection

into this:

man girdle posse

man girdle posse

If you find yourself in Japan, you can also pick yourself up a nifty man-bra.


This just looks wrong

  • Cat

    This is soooo weird. Why would a man wear a bra? Do man nipples chafe?