May 22


see...manly beard

see...manly beard

Here at the Manly Man,

we thought some of you might need some help in achieving manliness. So we’ve devised a ten step program for you so that you don’t  embarrass the rest of us.

#1. Grow a beard. Or atleast a temporary one. It will take attention away from your frailness and give a sense of gravity to everything you say.  Whenever you speak, all listners will be captivated by the manliness of your beard and will take everything you say as law.

  • deak52

    I am not a man but I think that this is a great site, and the thng about the beards your right.

  • Rose

    Ok question that my um…friend… and I have…how hairy should one get? True a beard may make guys feel, look, and act manly but what about one’s back hair? Is it manly to clip chest, ear, or nose hair? Is it manly not to??

    • http://themanly-man.com admin

      Good question,

      one that has been asked for many centuries. There is no law against grooming one’s self. In fact, in most countries (not all) its encouraged. So every man has to do what’s necessary for him to feel comfortable with himself. Now if he is doing things that make him feel uncomfortable, then the line has to be drawn. I don’t care how mad my girlfriend gets!