Monthly Archive: May 2009

May 28

Cupcake firmware update video

Here is the video of what the official (not those sleasy non-official ones!) firmware update looks like. Have fun!! embedded by Embedded VideoYouTube Direkt

May 28

Android Update Official in N.America!!!!!

Horizontal Touch Keyboard

Its official!!! new android software push is live. I should know since that’s actually my device. Video coming soon

May 26

Tony Hawk Builds Electronic Skateboard??

awesomeness...does it move??

Apparently, Tony Hawk and Activision are trying to set a new bar in the upcoming game: “Ride”. It is set to come with a unique controller – that controller being an actual skateboard…without the wheels. Personally, I think they should have kept the wheels, but no one listens to me anyway.  Check out the teaser …

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May 25

Modern Warfare 2 Trailer

If you guys loved COD4 Modern Warfare, then you your all in for a treat. The game is being developed by Infinity Ward, and the official trailer has just been released. You can check it out below. Its slated to be for PS3, XBox360, and PC for now. embedded by Embedded VideoGametrailers Direkt

May 25

Android Phone on ATT!

so sexy

Hey guys, pretty sweet news for those who were waiting for a chance to try out the android interface, but were stuck with an ATT Contract. According to the folks over at, ATT has a nice line-up of phones coming through the pipe and one seems to be an Android Device from HTC called …

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May 24

#2 Get Six Pack


#2 on our list of characteristics that will make the reader more manly is to firm up the ole pot-belly and get a six pack. Now, we understand that everyone can’t be like me and have a perfectly toned physique at all times, so we have included some helpful suggestions. If the reader isn’t quite …

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May 23

Mind Flex Mind Control Game

Jedi Mind Tricks!!!

Ok guys…its official. If your man enough, around Oct. 1st, you can get your paws on a game which allows you to control objects with your mind. This is awesome…and totally creepy at the same time.  I’ll pass this time around, but Ill let you know when I get my light saber!

May 22

Wolvernine…Man for the Gamers

Thats right...bub

Haven’t encountered a wolverine game that truly captures what it is to be wolverine, much less to look really good. X-Men Origins:Wolverine seems to do just that. Not only does it look great, but its based off the movie which normally is a bad thing. Guess times have changed! Check the video below: Wolverine video …

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May 22


see...manly beard

Here at the Manly Man, we thought some of you might need some help in achieving manliness. So we’ve devised a ten step program for you so that you don’t  embarrass the rest of us. #1. Grow a beard. Or atleast a temporary one. It will take attention away from your frailness and give a …

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May 21

In the Beginning…

OK folks, this is the first article for the Manly Man Site. I suppose its customary for me to tell you all the reason for my having created this blog in the first place. Well, I wont.  hehehe , that’s just the type of man I am…A Manly Man!!! One who doesn’t apologize! No excuses, …

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