Jun 30

The Official Trailer for the New Rocky Spin-off is Here!

The official trailer for the new Roxy spin-off is here and honestly, it’s not too bad. Actually, it’s pretty good and had me exclaiming and shadow boxing in the mirror at several different moments.

Jun 23

Batman: Arkham Knight Available Today

This game continues as the latest installment to the Arkham series and seems to be the grittiest one of them all.

Jun 17

Games I Can’t Wait to Play from E3 2015

Here’s a list of all the games I can’t wait to get my hands on from this year’s E3. This is by no means a comprehensive list but it’s a list of the games I’m most excited about. Tak a look at the videos below and comment on what peaks your interest or what your …

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Jun 17

NBA Live Names Russel Westbrook as 2016 Cover Athlete


Westbrook lands job as cover art for NBA Live 2016

Mar 20

Audio-Technica Sonic Fuel In-Ear Headphones Review

Hi had the pleasure of checking on a unique pair of headphones for the past month and below are my thoughts. Initially, I thought they were just a regular pair of mundane in-ear buds like many you can from other headphone manufacturers like Beats, Sony, or Bose. Honestly, I wasn’t that wrong, but I wasn’t right either…

Feb 13

What to do for Valentines Now that You’ve Remembered


I won’t waste time with the intro as you are likely running out of time. Here are five super quick, but thoughtful things you can plan for your main squeeze before tomorrow!

Jan 20

That “How to Get over your Ex” Article You were Just Reading is Dumb. This One is Better


So she dumped you. Stop being a pansy and MAN-UP! Now, I recognize you haven’t done that yet which is why you’re reading this article so I’ve got three great ways to get even with your ex for breaking your heart.

Jan 14

Top 5 Games I Need to Play in 2015


I can’t wait to play this game because of how social it looks. I don’t really play a ton of games with other people, but this looks like one that will be super fun.

Jan 06

HTC Desire EYE Review

HTC Desire EYE

The first thing I notice about the Desire EYE is that it seems more playful in it’s design than some of HTC’s previous phone designs. It ditches the sleek, but drab black and grey colors from the HTC One and replaces it with a slick colored strip around the side of the phone. It doesn’t have a curved back so the phone sits flat on the desk. If you’re not used to a large phone, this phone does look pretty big and really long coming in at 5.2 inches. You will most likely have to use two hands to operate it, but HTC made some good button location choices to accomodate. The power button is below the volume rocker on the right side so righties will be able to easily toggle the screen on and off. There is also a dedicated camera button below the power button on the bottom right corner. It’s got a sort of matt finish which makes it feel comfortable in the hand, but that still didn’t make me completely take away my fears of dropping the device.

Sep 16

The Three Cs

Hello my name is Ms. S, I am 28(again) and I reside in NY. I am an average girl with an above average ability to formulate an opinion on just about anything. If you put me in a room with anything or anybody, I can yup form an opinion, What can I say it’s a gift and for you lucky readers out there I have been given the opportunity to share my opinion on what is Manly about the Man. So let’s get started. My task is not to convince, degrade, penalize nor preach but simply give it as I see it. So take the sense from the non-sense and you just might understand what’s Manly-about a Man…. well in my opinion at least…….

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